TopShopper II Service Pack 5.00 - PHP Version only

Check your current version

This Service Pack will bring your current TopShopper II version up to version 5.00 only. If you are running a version lower than 5.00 then you MUST first update to 5.00 before you update to the latest version. Check your current version in the Diagnostic Script via TopShopper Administration to determine whether updating is required.

Procedure for applying Service Pack

Download Service Pack to your computer. Read the Readme.txt file contained within the pack carefully. Upload the required files contained within the Service Pack to the appropriate folders.

Self Extracting File

If you choose the self-extracting file, you will be asked to choose a directory to store the extracted directories and files. The main folder is called ' tshop2'.
Click HERE to download 'php_sp5_00.exe'

Zip File

If you choose the Zip file, then you will need to extract it. If you need software to extract these files, see the WinZip download below.
Click HERE to download '


If you do not have Windows XP or Vista, you may need Winzip to extract the shopping cart files. If you haven't already got a copy, click on the Winzip image on the left to download it free.

TopShopper II PHP Version History

PHP 5.00 - 29th August 2009

Improvements to the Direct Payments Page.

Update Protx to SagePay on the Direct Payments Page.

Fix Bug in JavaScript to allow print of Quotations.

PHP 4.00 - 21st August 2009

Improve information displayed in File Editor

PHP 3.02 - 17th August

Remove '-' from product type and replace with ';'.

Fix Sage Pay upgrade bug in 'Preferred Gateway' functionality.

PHP 3.01 - 16th August 2009 Replace Protx gateway with SagePay gateway.

PHP 3.00 - 9th August 2009

Introduce Log Viewer to allow details saved in Log to be viewed.

Supress empty lines in customer invoice and delivery address.

PHP 2.04 - 28th July 2009

Update WorldPay.

PHP 2.03 - 17th July 2009

Fix Bug in relation to detection of 'refresh' or use of 'back'.

Fix Bug in relation to the Direct Payment facility.

PHP 2.02 - 21st June 2009

Allow Different Delivery Address to be switched off.

PHP 2.01 - 29th May 2009

Fix Bugs to stop spurious print lines in Invoice.

PHP 2.00 - 9th May 2009

Enhanced Postage Options and functionality added.

Fix Stylesheet bug in test shop.

PHP 1.04 - 1st May 2009

Allow Payment Gateway 'Plugins' to be used.

Improve Log-in/Logout functionality.

Improve 'Preferred Payment' functionality.

Stop re-issue of emails in Direct Payment system when final page is refreshed.

PHP 1.03

Correct 'continue shopping' bug for servers that do not set $_ENV["HTTP_REFERER"] the same as $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]

PHP 1.02 - 26 January 2009

Correct error in the 'Delete' function in the Products Editor.

PHP 1.01 - 19th January 2009

Force Shopper's Name and Address into upper case.

Make it easier to extract Delivery Info from mailing to Merchant.

PHP 1.0 - 1st January 2009

Original Version

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