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Become one of Topshopper's Affiliates and you can earn a massive £5 (that's 16.7%) on all sales of TopShopper II during sessions initiated through Special Links on your site. In addition, if you recruit sub-affiliates, you will receive £1 commission on all their sales as well. An on-line tracking system allows you to monitor your sales in real time.

How it works

After you join, you can download Special Links to put on your site. When a client orders TopShopper II , the transaction is logged. If the client was referred by you through the Special Links, the transaction will be tagged automatically with your Affiliate Reference Number. As soon as the transaction is confirmed, the commission is credited to your account.

Get other people working for you

If a Sub-Affiliate is recruited by following a Special Link from your site, they are permanently linked to you. If they initiate a sale, then your account will earn money as well as theirs. You get £1 for every sale they make. The more sub-affiliates you can recruit, the higher your earnings will be.

Get cashback from your own purchase

Being an Affiliate, you can get £5 cash back by clicking on your own link. Your purchase will earn the £5 commission which will be credited to your affiliate account.

Affiliate Eligibility

Please note that your website will be screened by TopShopper to make sure it is eligible to the scheme and has appropriate content. If your site does not meet the following guidelines it is possible your Affiliate status will be recinded without warning. To be considered as a TopShopper affiliate, your website must be:

• Fully functional & in full working order
• User friendly
• Search engine friendly (No black hat SEO)
• Designed to a good standard
• Free from offensive or inappropriate content

Please also note that if an affiliate fails to meet the terms of the agreement, TopShopper reserves the right to remove them from the scheme at any time.

Commission & Payment

TopShopper affiliate scheme is free to join.TopShopper offers a highly competitive 16.7% commission. Commission is paid on gross sales. TopShopper uses advanced tracking technology to track and report on every ad or placement and pays affiliates on a monthly basis - subject to a minimum payment of £10.

Keyword Policy

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns will help to drive traffic to your site and therefore to TopShopper affiliate links/ads, but please note that TopShopper runs an in-house PPC campaign so affiliates must stick to the following guidelines which apply to all search engines:

• Affiliates must not bid on TopShopper,, brand names or any misspellings of the brand.
• Affiliates must not use, or any variation, as the display URL for search engine adverts.
• However, affiliates may bid on generic keywords, for example ‘shopping cart’ or ‘e-commerce’. Affiliates may also use the TopShopper brand name in sub folders of their own display URL or in the ad body copy of their PPC adverts.

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A two-tier programme.

If you recruit affiliates to the TopShopper program then these are your sub-affiliates. You earn £1 for every sale they make. The more sub-affiliates you can recruit, the higher your earnings will be.

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